There are currently five main legislations that have been passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom that are enforced and cover crime and disorder. They are as follows the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003, the Police Reform Act 2002, the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and the Policing and Crime Act of 2017.


The oldest and arguably the most important of these acts is the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. This piece of legislation was given Royal Assent in July of 1998 and made a wide range of changes. The most important of these changes was the introduction of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Sex Offender Orders and Parenting Orders. These acts are all designed to cover different infractions the most common of which was the Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) which was designed to be used as a way to address behaviour such as intimidation, public intoxication and minor assaults on friends and families without resorting to criminal sanctions. An ASBO usually restricted an offenders behaviour in some way such as  banning  the offender from certain areas or associating with certain people, another way of limiting behaviour was by prohibiting public acts of swearing and alcohol consumption. In 2014 however ASBO’s were replaced by Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO) in the Crime and Policing Act 2014.

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A Sex Offender Order functions in much the same way as an Anti-Social Behaviour Order however the justification of issuing such an order is different. Sex Offender Orders are issued by the Magistrates Court after a police officer approaches them with reasonable cause to believe that that the individual is a threat to public safety. These orders can only be issued to those who are either classed as a sex offender under Section 3 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 or those who have been convicted of an offence under the Sex Offenders Act 1997.


The final order introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 is the Parenting Order. A Parenting Order is usually issued in conjunction with an ASBO or CBO if they are issued to a child, they are also issued when a parent commits an offence under section 443 or 444 of the Education Act 1996.