Bennett CarsonEnglish 9 – Ge PaperWarble, 112/18/17Guilt: how It affects development In many novels the guilt and shame are evident and can play a large roll in the development of characters and storyline. Guilt, or the feeling of having done something wrong, is evident in many book written by Charles Dickens. Dickens uses the emotion to show the reader a greater feeling of depth in the characters. Shame is another emotion used to develop the plot and characters. Shame is the painful feeling of humiliation or consciousness of wrongdoing. Shame is used by Charles Darwin in many of his books. The themes of guilt and shame are very evident specifically in Charles Dickens’s novel  Great Expectations. The main character of pip shows guilt in many ways. Through how he treats other, shows emotion, and his choices. In Great Expectations Pip has the guilt beat into him. As it is said on page ” I suppose that Joe Gargery where brought up by hand (8)”. This quote leads into a bigger topic of how pip feels guilty for how he has to give so much pressure on his sister because of the demise of his parents.This is an example of how he is affected by guilt. He is literally beat into guilt by his sister. He s driven by this guilt to try and become something better than what he is a commoner. He wants to be a gentleman to so be higher and be able to support his sister so she doesn’t have to provide for him. Another example of pips guilt would be on page (120) when Mrs. Joe was “Stricken with something blunt and heavy, on the head and spine”. Also, when Joe picked it up and discovered it was a “convict’s leg iron that had been filed asunder”. Pip well knowing that he had given a file to a convict earlier on felt extremely guilty about this. Pip begins life in a guilty environment. He lives with his sister and her husband Joe, the blacksmith. Mrs. Joe continually makes Pip feel guilty for living when the rest of the family, their parents and five brothers, are lying in the churchyard. It is continually mentioned in the first few chapters by Mrs. Joe and her friends that Pip is lucky that Mrs. Joe has taken on the awful task of bringing him up ‘by hand.’ She makes him feel guilty for just about everything he does, and she emphasizes her point by beating him with a switch that is named the Tickler. He assumed that this was his fault and he was to blame . He is definitely not, but his suspicion kicked in and tormented him for it. This moment affected him for the rest of the book. He will undergo the stress of feeling it is his fault that hi sister was attacked and left damaged. SHe will also later die. Finally, we see how the guilt of these actions will be the reason that pip is under so much stress. He has so much guilt. But not just pups guilt affects the story. Guilt is on both sides of the story. Pips family and friends all have guilt for some reason. Pip who is growing up as a younger boy in a low class family has seen the lowest of the low. They have struggled to provide for themselves. For example Mrs.Havisham who has large amounts of guilt from her past and how she has been treated. She takes pip in as he starts to come to her house, the saris house. She has guilt that she hasn’t done enough and that of her wedding mishap. She inflicts this sort of on pip with how she asks Estella to treat him “Well, I thought I overheard Miss Havisham answer- only it seemed so unlikely, ‘Well, you can break his heart.'” on page 59. This shows how Mrs. Havisham is making pip fall in love with Estella. This is very difficult for pip because he knows he loves her but she is so rude to him. As pip goes off to his gentlemanship in London he seems to lose Estella. He comes back and sees joe and Estella, but Estella is not in love with pip.  She doesn’t love him he has finally found out her true colors. She is not able to love, she will not be able to love pip. She is marrying Dremel but she is not in love she cannot love him. Living in this guilt ridden environment, Pip encounters the convict Magwitch in the churchyard. Pip agrees to help Magwitch in his escape by bringing him food and a file from the forge. Stealing the file and the food  Pip doesn’t know how to fix what he can. Later when he reflects on his younger day he realizes that this cause of his guilt. He feels that he is responsible for how she doesn’t love him. He is so blind in love that he cannot see she is not able to love him. It’s not that she doesn’t want to love him though. Pip doesn’t know that it is not his fault that she doesn’t love him he feels the guilt that he didn’t do something right. He only feels the guilt that he did something wrong. As shone in, ” ‘You must know,’ said Estella, condescending to me as a beautiful woman might, ‘that I have no heart- if that has anything to do with my memory.'” (Pg. 235).Thus showing that it isn’t pips fault that she can’t love him he has done right not wrong.When pip comes back from london he feels immense guilt for how he treated Joe when he left. He had treated them with such rudeness he acts like he some super important person that they need to respect. He doesn’t understand that he can’t break all of the pillars of support that he built up. He was acting like he was the best person in the world. As said in “Yes, Pip, dear boy, I’ve made a gentleman on you!” (Pg. 315). He didn’t understand that just because he was a gentleman that doesn’t mean he was better than them. He started to realize the guilt of that he is in London working on fulfilling his great expectations, he attempts to forget his past and leave his guilty youth behind. Whenever he returns home to the country, he stays in the inn, visits Miss Havisham, and returns home to London. He doesn’t ever go to visit the forge or any of the people connected with his past. He believes that Miss Havisham is his benefactor, so he returns only to visit this woman who supposedly gave him his new life. However, Joe goes to London to visit Pip, which Pip has no control over. When Joe arrives, Pip is cruel to him, the only man who has ever been true to him and wanted the best for him with nothing expected in return. He treats Joe like a low class, stupid child. After Joe has left, Pip realizes that he should have treated Joe better. He feels guilty once again. In conclusion, Pip has felt the guilt of his actions and learns that you don’t have to be happy to have all of the amenities. He realises that he lost everything by trying to have everything he an get. He tried to get all of the possible good outcomes. He tried to have estella the money and his family but he lost it all.