I should ensure
that the client is aware that I recognise and acknowledge what information they
have shared and how difficult it can be to make a disclosure. This is important
to ensure that the individual feels validated and help them to feel that they can speak freely, without fear of

Furthermore, my
response should be sensitive, non-judgemental and empathetic; my voice should
be calm and my tone level, and I should ensure that the language I use is
encouraging for the individual to feel that they are believed, for example,
“thank you for choosing to share this with me.”

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This should help
the individual to feel that they are in a safe, secure place, where they can
share what information that they choose to. However, it is important that the
questions I do ask are relevant and that I do not exceed the individual’s safe
point or safe boundaries. It is imperative that they feel that they are in
control of their options and what they want to happen next.

However, to establish what is able to be spoken about,
I would ask whether they had reported the assault to the police. If they stated
that they had, I would ask whether they had provided a full written or video
recorded statement to the police.

Following the counselling session, I would speak with
my supervisor to establish whether the police had been informed that the person
is enagaging in therapy.

If the individual stated that they had not reported the
sexual violence to the police, I would ask whether they were considering doing
this. I would also explain to them, that if they had reported it to the police
or were intending to report it, that we could offer them pre-trial therapy. I
would then ensure that I explained to the client what pre-trial therapy.

Furthermore, I would establish whether the crime was
recent or historic. If recent and of public interest, I would speak to my
safeguarding officer or supervisor about completing the New Pathways Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Self-Referral Incident Intelligence Form. I would
explain to the client what I intended to do and the reasons for it, and that
they may be contacted by the police.