Immigration is when people move into a non-native country and stay with no legal citizenship or right to stay in the country. Immigration during the industrial era was very common due to the need for workers and the extremely abundant job opportunities. The Industrial era was a very important I’m in America’s past. The industrial era contained many improvements in manufacturing which led to faster production of goods and changed the process of making Goods to a more productive and Rapid rate in order to supply demand. Before the industrial era there were skilled Artisans and workers creating items by hand and with skill. Due to the larger demand and need for faster production, people began looking for ways to increase the speed of developing such products. For example instead of weaving blankets by hand, the creation of a loom can greatly decrease the amount of time used to make the product. With many more ideas along the same lines this is what created the industrial era. The Industrial era brought many factories and industrialized much of the labor of creating goods. With the increase in factories came the increase of jobs. This is the cause of the rise in the rate of emigration. A large majority of the immigrants during this time came to America for the sole purpose of work and jobs. With more available jobs, the more immigrants came, the more production. In the early industrial era, there were many immigrants who are decently skilled and helped in the production during this time. But as the industrial era progressed there were less and less skilled workers due to the decrease in need for skill. The immigrants had a vast effect on the labor force of American Manufacturing during this time. Due to the increased flow of immigrants to America for work, the labor force was high. With a higher labor force the growth of the industrial era was strong and evident. Before the industrial era American manufacturing was not as fast or productive as it was post industrial era. After the industrial era came labor force increased and drove the economy up. Immigration bringing more people to America during the industrial era positively affected the labor force and enabled the American manufacturing system to grow and develop their products faster. Immigration affected labor force, but it also affected the widespread growth of the American manufacturing system. Immigration helped to increase the production speed which facilitated the ability to supply more of the demand for products and transport these products to more places. But of course the influx of immigrants to obtain these new jobs made available, it decreases the number of available jobs for citizens. The industrial era also grew in other ways such as development of transportation. With new railways, or trains, Distributing products and having communication with other areas was made easier. With more communication and advancements in production, people were able to develop new products that made it easier to do other simple tasks. For example as stated in the article History of the United States Industrialization and reform by “Inventors created…the typewriter (1867), ┬ábarbed wire (1874), the telephone (1876), the phonograph (1877), the electric light (1879), and the petrol-engine car” ( 8).Immigration, of course, had a social impact on America as well.With the industrial eras addition of factories, the effect on society included longer hours of work with less pay, more hazardous and unsound working conditions, and poor conditions for the working class. Of course there were positive effects as well such as an overall booming economy but there were a lot of political problems due to the unfair treatment caused by this era. As stated in Social and Political Impact of the Second Phase of the Industrial Revolution by “Almost from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the people most directly affected by industrialization had responded” ( 7). This shows that people were affected by these new differences in working conditions and in general societies so they spoke out. The addition of machines and factories from the industrial era also took away jobs. The Taking of jobs from the American people was one big effect of the industrial era which seems to still have an effect on current day politics. The issue of these machines taking Americans jobs is evident. With the ability of these machines to work faster and produce more it took less work needing fewer workers. Due to people’s jobs being taken away there was formed a “labor union” which its purpose was to “approach to fight the leaders of industrialization…workers who have banded together to bargain with an employer for higher wages, shorter hours, and other improvements in their working conditions” ( 8). With the formation of a labor union, workers simply tried to improve their lives due to the negative effects of the industrial era on them. With foreign workers coming to the United States for jobs, they were able to obtain the American jobs because they were willing to work for less and were more flexible to the job schedule. They came in wanting any job they can get, and the industrial era made it very easy for these people to come in and take part. I believe this whole situation is based on timing. The American workers were pushed out of certain jobs due to the new industrialized system. Due to the change the Americans who were out of jobs were upset because now immigrants were coming and taking the jobs before them. Even though they weren’t upset only because these immigrants were taking their jobs and that they were also upset about the conditions and that may have been one other reason why they didn’t take the jobs, but the disconnect is all caused by how the industrial era truly changed everything in society and politics. These social impacts affected growth in different ways. With the immigrants stealing jobs this affected growth both positively and negatively. On the positive side the foreign immigrants obtaining the jobs in America help to boost productivity and profit for business owners because of the low-wage and Huge production. The negative effect on growth was that with the formation of labor unions due to the immigrants caused some problems in the production of more industrialization because people we’re trying to stop what was happening and basically reverse the industrialization. These labor unions may also have affected growth positively because they may have smooth and out some of the political and social affairs occurring because of this era. The industrialization era maintained constant growth throughout its time. With all of the impacts in society during this time, there were still advancements in many fields. Starting with the steam engine, to the sewing machines, all the way to Henry Ford’s Model T ( 1). I believe that Society was the greatest impact in the industrial eras growth and development. If it wasn’t for immigrants, formation of labor unions, and the impact of the people wanting change, the industrial era may not have progressed as much as it had. The industrial era was a big change in people’s normal lives and that affected society in both ways. If someone were to study the positive and negative effects of the industrial era on society and politics, the results would nearly be a balance between both. The short-term effects of the industrial era were rather negative because of the harsh labor, pollution, no job guarantee, illness, unskilled labor, and child labor. All of these effects shined negatively in the eyes of the people during that time. But the more everlasting long-term effects are overwhelmingly positive because even to this day America has factories, assembly lines, and mass production all thanks to the development during the industrial era. The industrial era also led to new movements and ideas that in some cases resurface today, such as capitalism, communism, socialism, and utopian ideas. In conclusion, the industrial era was significantly impacted by immigration, the immigration affected labor force and the growth of all of American manufacturing during the industrial era. Immigration significantly impacted the society during that time, and the growth of the overall United States as a union not only by changing everyday aspects but by enabling new point of views and changing the way people think. The industrial era is what makes America what it is today. Immigration is one big topic of the time of the industrial era but it is also one big topic of today as well. Immigration is a positive and negative attribute to America and it’s growth, but in the end, immigration was the main leading contribution to the growth of the industrial era.