–     In newspapers, we are going to advertise
Nike by giving 10-40% discounts and free coupons on their purchase. It will
help to increase sale which leads to profits for the short term. Any customer
who comes to store (Nike’s exclusive) with the newspaper cutting, we will
provide discounts on purchase. It will create interest of people in buying Nike


•    Interactive:

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–     Social networks: People will be posting
their reviews on the website shareyourreviews.nike.com which will be advertised
on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This will be a cost effective way of
advertising. Customers are going to advertising agents for Nike.

•    Out-of-home:

–     Sponsorships: Nike can promote its running
shoes by sporting various events like Marathons, etc. This will help the
company to promote opt-in mobile notification.

–     Spectaculars: Spectaculars will be
displayed in large cities in Canada and sporting Venues where most of athletes
visit. This will advertise Nike in a mass population.

•    Mobile

–     When people are going to participate in the
campaign we will get their information like name, email, locations, taste and
preferences, etc.



target market of Nike running shoes is young athletes, men & women and
runners. They are willing to spend more for their comfortability and wish to
wear latest technology.


key message will be “change the Game” be an inspiration not only for yourself
but for others by word of mouth (Speak good for Nike).




advertisement will internet based as our core target are young the people. The
campaign will be advertised through Nike’s social media channels.


are going to advertise on the weekends because people are off from work, having
fun at home and going out for shopping. They may go through promotion campaigns
online and visit the Nike stores.


advertisement is going to be a video for 30 to 60 seconds long on TV and social

Reach: To expose more than 15 million fans on
Facebook, more than 1.75 million on twitter and more than 90 thousand
subscribers on YouTube throughout the campaign.

Frequency: At least 5 to 7 times a week the message will
be delivered to people.

Timings: The timings will be 24*7 on social media, but
the TV advertisement will be time bound only when some sports events are
telecasted and in the evenings and holidays when most of the people are
watching TV.Creative Plan:We
are going to advertise Nike through the following media vehicles:•    TV/Video:

–     There are going to be real customers in the
TV commercial. We are going to sum-up the customers review key points and make
a minute or so advertising video. The involvement of actual consumers of the
product in the ad will have a great impact on the present and potential
customers. The ad would be an unqualified success like dove “the real beauty”
where it involved real customers. This will help in saving the earnings of Nike
which were earlier spent on celebrity endorsements.