Jack’s leadership was based off fear of the beast. His fellow castaways had a problem and he had a solution; back in chapter 5, Beast From The Water, the beast was still a controversial rumor. Responding to a comment made by someone regarding the beast Jack felt as if faith in his abilities where in question so he responded asking, “Am I a hunter or am I not?”. The fear turned them into bloodthirsty savages. As a result of all the fear and hatred of the beast the bigguns mistaked a weak simon for the beast and ended up knawing and clawing him. The beast was indeed an enemy, but it wasn’t a dark and dangerous figure lurking in the shadows as the boys had believed, but it was the inner fear the boys had. They had allow fear to take over and showed truly evil nature, Simon’s death was a brutal one and it was described as if he was mauled by a large animal rather than a group of boys. The events following tragedies like 9/11 or pearl harbor are very similar. Immediately after the attacks in New York and the Pentagon  we invaded Iraq which had no ties to the attacks and as a result millions of people died.  And we put all the japanese into internment camps who had no ties to pearl harbor, and as a result thousands of innocent family were imprisoned. History seems to repeat itself as you can see this turn of events happen over and over again, it’s just a new beast and a new Simon.         One of the most interesting characters this story has to offer is Roger, who at the second half of the book was the bidding of jack’s wishes. He was maniacal and a dangerous enemy for the simple fact that he was evil. Roger lived a life with a mile long list of rules that prohibited his natural aggression, immediately after the rules had no consequences he began to show what he really was; a monster. Chapter 4 was the first time we got to see this side of Roger when he was shown throwing rocks at the littleuns.  Later, the book hints that Roger tortured the twins who described to Ralph that Roger was “a terror” (Golding 189). He did these things for jack who wasn’t quite evil enough to carry these acts out himself. Roger never seemed to regard life as very important, at least not life other than his own. He sided with Jack for the same reason Piggy and Ralph sided. They fed off each other, Roger got to indulge in his natural psychotic side and Jack had a tool to use against people. The fear Roger and Jack inflicted scared some of the kids into falling in line. The fear of what batrayle would lead to was the reason Ralph was outlawed and hunted down at the very end.     The ending of Lord Of The Flies suggests that authority snaps the savage right out of the boys. As we remember, the boys were chasing ralph through the jungle in an attempt to kill him and put his head on a stake. As Ralph is running through the jungle he stumbles out onto the beach only to discover that help had finally arrived. What was so weird about this part of the book was the way the author made the boys sound innocent again. The description given by the author says it all; ” A semicircle of little boys, their bodies streaked with colored clay, sharp sticks in their hands were standing on the beach making no noise at all” (Golding 200). As I visualize this scene I do not see the lawless savages as portrayed previously, but a group of boys who had just been playing a game such as cowboys and indians and who meant no harm. I know this to be false as the threat of brutal murder was very real in regards to Ralph, and the only reason this wasn’t carried through was because rules and order finally had a purpose again. Also the Author used the word “little” to describe the boys in front of the naval commander. Before, in the jungle, they were yelling and hunting Ralph down. Despite their age they would be intimidating to anyone but when compared to a naval commander they just look like dirty and innocent kids with no evil characteristics.      Today, humans live in a fearless world where we have shelter, food, and clean water. Most of the things people had to worry about hundreds of years ago are minimal today. We don’t have as much sickness, starvation, or predators. We have consequences for our actions and a higher moral code then ever. Most people in civilized society understand these things and never carry out  evil acts. But if you put a person in an environment where any choice you make can be your last then fear will swallow you like a grape. When someone if engulfed in fear,  then they will lack any sense of problem solving, instead they do what nature intends us to do, which is to fight. Looking at Lord Of The Flies and how the beast was the main concern throughout the book and that everyone sided with jack, it’s hard to say that fear doesn’t alter our acts. Acts that can be brutal, and sick, and all completely natural. By our standards, survival of the fittest is survival of the person who is willing to do evil things. You only live by annihilating anyone who threatens you and Lord Of The Flies proved this in 1954 when it was published.