all, science and the studies done show that sugar can cause serious issue to
the human body whether it’s as small as a sugar crash, or as severe as a
addiction or a heart disease. And all of the studies done to figure out the
similarities between sugar and addictive drugs have shown that sugar can be
worse than some of the worst drugs out there like cocaine and have worst
effects on you. Even though drugs kill more than 250 000 people a year compared
to 180 000 sugar related deaths a year does not mean sugar cannot be taken
lightly. That’s still a crazy high number for something that used to be a
luxury, and now it’s turned into one of the most substances in the world. That
number will continue to grow unless we do something.  Scientist are currently doing more tests so
they can know for a fact that sugar needs to be regulated before they jump to
conclusions so to speak. So with that all being said sugar should definitely be


It has been proven that sugar has the
same effects if not more than cocaine, so why not regulate sugar as a
controlled drug? There are four things that have to be met in order for a substance
to be regulated. One is ubiquity which means it has to be everywhere. Number
two, it has to hurt you. Three, u have to be able to abuse the substance. Four,
it has to have a negative impact on society. With that being said sugar meets
all four criteria with no questions asked. So people are asking questions about
how it isn’t regulated substance or even banned. First of all you can’t get rid
of sugar completely, it just won’t happen, like when they tried to ban alcohol
and that didn’t work out to well. The thing is that there’s no doubt that we
have to have some kind of sugar reduction, but how do we go about doing that.
The only way to do that is to tax sugar and restriction of access.   The restriction of access part is easy but
the tax part not so much. The tax can’t go to the palpitations because then it
would go right into their pockets. So the tax has to be palatable or
“tied” to another thing. For example Mexico passed a pop tax but Mexico doesn’t
have portable water. Why would they tax the only thing safe to drink? It’s because
they put that money towards better water supply for the country. Our country
could put that tax to something useful like helping kids who can’t go to school
or college.

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Sugar actually used to be kind of like a condiment