Teenage Crime Sarah




Hi, I’m writing this email because, I’m from a website for young teenagers. I want to talk with the young people to not commit teenage crimes and also to not get involved in teenage crimes.  I want to discuss about teenage crime, because it’s crazy how many teenagers commit crimes such as: murdering people, violence, rape and robberies.

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Did you now?


In the USA:


That over a thousand people are murdered each year by teenagers, it’s about 8% of all murders.


About 25% of all violent crimes are committed by teenagers.


About 1 out of 8 cases of rape are committed by teenagers.


About 1 out 7 robberies are committed by teenagers.


I mean, there can be a lot of reasons why young people commit crimes, such as robberies. Maybe it’s because they dropout of collage or high school because they didn’t graduate, or don’t have job.


The teenagers can also have problems at home like. Their parents got a divorce or their child got bullied or has social problems or mental illness.

Teenagers are not bad people, maybe they are just curios, and I’m not saying that crimes are a god thing to do. Because crimes are a really bad thing to do.


We can say if you are worried if your child is involved in a crime or how to avoid that your child will do something criminal.

First of all, maybe your child thinks I like this guy he looks cool maybe I should be friends with him, but maybe he is a person that did crimes and maybe he will ask your child do you want to be a member of our gang or something like that.


And the last chapter of this conversation is how should the criminals be punished?


 I think it depends on what type of crime you have done. If it is murder I think the person should have 20 years in prison. Because murdering a person has grave consequences.

If it is a robbery I think the person should get 1 month, because it’s not like murdering a person.