The ability to communicate information accurately and precisely is an important
ability and it should not be overlooked. Being well presented in a
presentation, in a meeting during a discussion
with a colleagues or clients is very
essential. Even when we are applying for jobs, we need to communicate
accurately in order to impress the reader with
our key strength. This type of personal development skill will make us more confident, organized
and will definitely help us to achieve our dream jobs.

It is never too late
to work on it to improve our communication skills and ACS Toastmaster is a great platform for us to look at. Being from a non-English
speaking background I personally felt it is very important for all of us to
improve our communication skill, and joining the ACS Toastmaster will
definitely wide our horizon of communication.

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The ACS Toastmaster event was very fruitful
for me. It demonstrated different aspects of the public speaking. I tried to put forward some of the key things that I have
learned from the event and will always try to follow whenever I will be
presenting. Some of those are discussed below :  

Know your audience

We should always try to understand the audience
expectation of the audience, and being a presenter we should always try to meet
that expectation and if possible try to exceed that.


Plan your presentation

We should plan our presentation
beforehand so that the audience can
easily absorb it.


Make it interesting

We should try to add some interesting points so we can grab audience attention.


Dress the part

We should always
be well presented with respect to clothes, hair, shoes and even paperwork


Show you care

Our enthusiasm for our topic is very important


Be organized

Should always be organized


Discuss the “Elephant in the

If any kind of
issue arises we should always mention it during our presentation and try to
move on.


Get a grip on your nerves

We should always try to handle our nervousness and build confidence
otherwise it will be really hard to get our message across.

It also boosted my confidence that even if
I am a non-English spoken person, I can confidently you stand up in public and
how I can overcome my nervousness.  The
elevator pith which was given by a new member of the club and it was truly
heart touching. It gave me a better understanding of how I can improve my own
elevator pitch and I tried to re-work on it and have used my new elevator pitch on my internship’s first day.