Web application development is more
complicated than traditional software development because of the rapid web
technology advancement and changes. Therefore, web application development
encounters complicated requirements engineering processes which require
efficient way to solve these complications. Social network includes all kind of
stakeholder for requirement specification. The complex structure of stakeholder
makes it difficult for requirements gathering process. This paper proposes a
mockup-driven requirements engineering process to eliminate the complexity to
finalize requirements. Mockups are used for gathering requirements for the
development of FH Kiel Student Network which minimizes the risk of wasting
development efforts, time and money. Mockups minimizes the incompleteness and
ambiguity of complex requirements engineering processes. It helps to change the
user requirements quickly and efficiently for the web applications. It also
supports the customer feedbacks prior to the final development stage which
reduces the cost of the project. The final development process takes place after
the finalization of mockups, prototype and stakeholder’s feedback for the web