recommendation…. Promotes the health of all within the school community and
develops arrangements to support their mentsl, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.


   a book club or classes at a local college.

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 ? exploring local opportunities for creative
activities that are suited to her wishes and current     physical abilities and which she may find
interesting, such as pottery or painting ? supporting her to shop online for
cooking ingredients so that she can continue enjoying    baking without the need to go out to the
shops ? looking together for other local services and groups that she would
enjoy going to, such as

spend some time catching up with this woman over a cup of tea when you begin
your home visit. It emerges in conversation that she feels isolated and often
feels life is passing her by. In discussing this further, you discover that the
woman rarely leaves the house and that she has very few hobbies or activities
that she enjoys. From previous conversations, you recall that she used to enjoy
baking elaborate cakes and pastries as well as being a skilful sculptor. Together
with the woman you explore various ways of re-engaging with her hobbies and
creative outlets that promote her mental health and wellbeing. These include:

a woman who has physical disabilities in her own home with day-to-day tasks and
engaging in services and activities.

 ? taking time to listen empathically to his
feelings of loss and offering reassurances for     support 
? discussing the possibility of helping him seek more specialist
bereavement support  ? looking together
at possible outlets for this man’s grief, such as bereavement groups,    giving a set time of the day to grieve and
finding distraction techniques  ?
providing information about telephone and face-to-face services the man can
access if he     experiences a crisis or
needs immediate


are supporting an older woman who has physical disabilities so that she needs
support with day-to-day tasks. During your visit, she tells you that she has
been feeling particularly low for quite some time. The woman talks about
feeling lonely and that no one has visited her in the past month with the
exception of your and other staff members’ visits.  You are aware that isolation and loneliness
can have negative effects on mental health and wellbeing so you are keen to
ensure that this woman has access to opportunities and lifestyles that promote
her wellbeing.

giving advice without making judgement. You can’t judge anybody but it’s just
making sure they have the necessary information available to them.



receiving social care and support have the same rights as anyone else and in
some situations may also have additional legal support and protection. However,
many people who need care and support have experienced discrimination and
stigma which can be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing.
Historically, many people who use social care services have been wrongly
excluded from making decisions for themselves simply because of their diagnosis
or disability. Social care workers play an important role in promoting equality
and ensuring that people who use social care services are supported to make
decisions about their own care and lifestyle.

involved in activities and having personal abilities and strengths recognised
by others group can be highly beneficial to mental wellbeing. Activities should
be matched to each individual’s skills, abilities and interests. Overly
demanding, stressful or meaningless activities are tokenistic and can be
harmful to a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Social care workers can
promote mental health and wellbeing by enabling people to identify the
interests and skills they would like to pursue or develop.

care workers have a unique opportunity to promote good mental health and
wellbeing for people they are supporting, by enabling them to take an active
role in making their own choices, with offers of support where necessary.  It is important to find ways of supporting
people towards their own empowerment and to take initiatives. This will often
involve working in partnership with people to support them in making decisions
based on their lived experiences, needs, preferences and ambitions.

is no hierarchy in the areas of wellbeing listed above – all are equally
important. There is also no single definition of wellbeing, as how this is interpreted
will depend on the individual, their circumstances and their priorities.

a board concept. It is described as relating to the following areas in
particular – personal dignity – including treatment of the individual with
respect, physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing, protection from
ause and neglect, control by the individual over their day to day life,
incuding over care and support provided and the way they are provided,
participation in work, eduction, training or recreaction, social and economic wellbeing,
domestic , family and personal domains, suitability of the individual;s living
accommondation, the individuals contribution to society.